Maintaining comfortable temperature in buildings uses a large proportion of total energy consumption worldwide. Insulation is an important factor in reducing heat loss and gain and decreases the energy demands of heating and cooling systems.
Insulation for more comfortable and constant temperature.

810 (SSSY)
811 (SSCY)
820 (DSSY)
821 (DSCY)
831 (DSFR)
Thermacoustic Sheet
  • Efektif menahan panas matahari
  • Kinerja mesin lebih optimal
  • Tahan temperatur tinggi
  • Mengurangi kebisingan
  • Sound proofing
  • Kuat dan ringan
Lebar: 1 m
Panjang: 15 m
Area: 15m2
810 (SSSY)
810 (SSSY)Single Side Straight Yarn
811 (SSCY)
811 (SSCY)Single Side Cross Yarn
820 (DSSY)
820 (DSSY)Double Side Straight Yarn
821 (DSCY)
821 (DSCY)Double Side Cross Yarn
831 (DSFR)
831 (DSFR)Double Side Fire Retardant
Thermacoustic Sheet
Thermacoustic Sheet

Thermacoustic is a chemically crosslinked closed cell polythylene (XPE) foam, manufactured within Asean with European technologies under guidance of Themaflex.

Thermacoustic is ideal for all sound insulation required on wall partitions, ceilings, engine rooms, cabin passenger car/bus/aero plane/train/ship etc. within any kind of environment e.g music studios, theatres, offices, houses and many more.


  • Minimizes sound disturbances to the outside environment
  • Sound absorption avg 60% 300-2500 MHz with thickness 5 mm
  • Closed cell structure
  • Water vapour resistance (mu-value) > 3500
  • Lightweight & easy to install
  • Strong and flexible resulting in an easy and speedy installation
Thermacoustic: a healthy choice
  • Non-hazardous/Non-fibraous
  • A clean air free from fibre materials
  • User friendly during and after installation
  • (H)CFC free
  • Ozone Depleting Potential 0
  • Global Warming Potential 0
  • Non toxic when in fire
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